National Firearms Dealer Inventory Reduction Auction Session 1 (364)

All items closed

Iron Horse Auction Company has been retained by a large national firearms dealer to reduce inventory, due to relocation of the business. Many of the firearms in this auction are customer returns. In some cases the dealer did not verify the customer's complaint, therefore items may, or may not, have damage and function properly. Bidders are highly encouraged to personally inspect the items before bidding to verify functionality. The firearms HAVE NOT been test fired by the seller, auctioneer or transfer agent.

The transfer agent (Ned's Pawn & Jewelry of Rockingham) will charge the bidder a Firearm Transfer Fee of $20 PER FIREARM. Ned's will also offer shipping to verified FFL dealers. Bidders must provide Ned's with their preferred FFL dealer contact information prior to any items being shipped. The bidder shall be responsible for a $10 per package handling fee, plus the cost of shipping. For in person pick up, Ned's hours of operation are 9AM-530PM M-F and 9-3 Sat. In person pick ups are subject to all firearm laws and required background check. ONLY THE REGISTERED BIDDER MAY PICK UP FIREARMS.

Inspections: Due to the large amount of firearms in this auction, it is not feasible to display all the firearms at one time. Please indicate the Lot numbers of the firearms that you would like to inspect when making your inspection appointment.

Gun laws vary within different States, Counties, Townships and Municipalities. It is the responsibility of the bidder to verify that possession and ownership of items they bid on is legal where the bidder resides, and where the item will be shipped. The auctioneer, seller nor transfer agent accept responsibility for determining the legality of possession based on the bidder's location.

ALL ITEMS ARE BEING SOLD IN "AS-IS CONDITION". If the bidder cannot legally possess the firearm due to local laws and restrictions, or the inability to pass required background check, no refunds will be given. It is the bidder's responsibility to verify these items prior to bidding.